PQS and HTRC-Joint Development Agreement / PQS et HTRC-Entente de Développement Conjointe

Charleston, SC and Sherbrooke , QC September 2nd, 2013. Paperchine Quantum Solutions (PQS), an AstenJohnson company, and HTRC Industrial Solutions announce today a Joint Development Agreement to offer new technology that will support the day-to-day operations in paper mills.

“We are very excited to be able to combine the papermaking strength of PQS with the technological capabilities HTRC has perfected over the past 30 years,” said Jean-Pierre Bouchard, Vice President of PQS.

Benoit Laplante, President of Sales at HTRC, agreed, saying “The new software will benefit papermakers with all levels of experience. The tool will be especially helpful to mills that have had to reduce their staffing levels over the past decade yet increase their productivity and quality levels.”


  • PQS US : 855-264-1186
  • PQS Canada: 855-264-1187